Sawatzky Construction
Sawatzky Construction has long been regarded as a construction industry
leader.  This leadership is demonstrated by Sawatzky's successful
performance as a Design-Build Construction Contractor for more than 50

  • Design-Build is a project management method where Sawatzky's
    provides the project building design and the project construction.

  • The Design-Build method shortens the project design time and the
    project construction time, which also reduces the project building

  • By involving Sawatzky's in the Design-Build method first, the client
    actually has an ally who understands construction methods and
    costs, and utilizes these skills to maintain the project's construction
    ability in the project's building design.

  • Design-Build is an educational process emphasizing the
    advantages of the Client working closely with Sawatzky's to develop
    a project plan, which conforms to the Client's project building budget.
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